Electronic data interchange EDI
the future of B2B collaboration

ECOS EDI is a fully managed cloud-based service that allows organizations of all sizes to accurately process and instantly exchange any type of paperless documents -such as invoices, purchase orders, shipment authorizations and inventory updates- with any kind of trading partner or business.

Operating as a true any-to-any business communication system that provides seamless integration with any enterprise application, ECOS EDI bridges across any differences that result from software, platform or technology.

Empower your
collaboration processes

time & money

Forget all the large upfront and ongoing investments. Get rid of the time consuming manual processes to exchange documents. Save time and eliminate all transaction costs associated with paper, printing, reproduction, storage, filing, postage and document retrieval.

speed & accuracy

Speed up your document processing transaction. Exchange accurate business documents instantly across your entire supply chain. Significantly improve your communications and data accuracy, eliminating any manual keying errors.


Automate the exchange of large volumes of structured data or documents to your customers, providers and business partners. Ensure that critical data is transferred error-free in real time, thus achieving less re-working orders, fewer stock outs and no cancelled orders.

Focus on
core business

Realize the benefits of operating a state-of-the-art EDI solution without the responsibility of implementing and managing it. With ECOS EDI, you enjoy reduced operating expenses and improved value chain communications, while focusing on what you do best.

Complexity made simple

with cutting-edge features

Low investment requirements

ECOS EDI is an extremely fast and inexpensive solution to implement. It seamlessly integrates to any enterprise application, requiring no investment on cost-adding adjustment to achieve compliance with other trading systems.

True any-to-any communication

ECOS EDI provides comprehensive any-to-any electronic data transfer (FTP, SFTP, Email, AS2, AS3, AS4 etc.) that enables large volumes of B2B data -in any format- to be quickly converted so as to meet target source format and data integration requirements.

Any business software

ECOS EDI can be seamlessly integrated with virtually any business software or accounting system through any EDI document standard (ANSI ASC X12, EANCOM, HL7, GS1 EDI, UN/EDIFACT, HIPAA, ODETTE, RosettaNet, SWIFT, Tradacoms, VDA, VICS, XML and more).

Instant delivery

Operating under patterned cloud technologies, ECOS EDI guarantees that all transactions are exchanged with your network of business partners, within minutes, so that business-critical information is tracked in real time, every time.

Infinite scalability

As a cloud-based solution, ECOS EDI is designed to handle unparalleled scalability, thus provide outstanding performance even in extreme transaction volume scenarios.

Data security

Certified under EN ISO 27001:2013, along with advanced security protocols, authentications, encryptions and processes for backup and recovery, the service guarantees utmost security and reliability in handling electronic data.

Speed of business

Efficiently automate boarding in new connections to facilitate the exchange of all data between systems, applications and external partners, within hours instead of days.

Technical support

Although ECOS EDI is designed to operate under standardized procedures, you can rely on instant expert guidance and technical support, whenever is needed, making sure that everything is working the way your business needs.

Any-to-any business communication, within minutes

Instantly exchange electronic data and paperless documents with any business partner,
regardless of business software or accounting application.
Eliminate time-consuming manual processes and keying errors.

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