The best way to provide
e-statements to your clients

ECOS E-Statement is a next-generation cloud-based service that securely produces and dispatches electronically, any type of statement.

Operating on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, the ECOS E-Statement solution takes complexity out of your business, offering fast, secure and fully traceable multi-page e-statement deliveries. Right of your existing business software or accounting application, you can timely dispatch fully customizable statements, allowing your customers to securely view, download or print their statements, at any time and from any device.

Including special features like multiple delivery options, placement of clickable promotional messages and unlimited cloud archival capacity, the ECOS service fully automates every aspect of the account statements management process, while helping you better serve your customers.

Benefit your business
Make the switch to electronic delivery

Reduce your costs

Reduce your costs starting from day one.
Get rid of paper usage and contribute to corporate green initiatives.

  • Cut your printing and mailing costs immediately
  • Eliminate the need to physically store documents and statements
  • Reduce your administrative cost
  • Drive out inefficiencies and free up valuable resources

Improve your performance

Generate and dispatch millions of electronic statements with ease.
Securely manage the whole process in real time.

  • Dispatch up to 1.000.000 electronic statements in less than an hour
  • Generate with ease electronic statements containing up to 2.000 pages
  • Include custom, clickable promotional messages on every statement
  • Manage any statement specifics faster and more effectively

Improve customer support

Deliver top services on-time.
Give your customers the opportunity to handle their statements with ease.

  • Enable customers view, download or print their statements, at any time
  • Allow customers to easily locate and retrieve any received statement
  • Provide customers with easy access to statements from any device
  • Respond faster to customer inquires
Generate and dispatch more than


e-statements in less than an hour
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Multichannel delivery

ECOS provides efficient, timely statement delivery, supporting distinct customer preferences: electronic, traditional paper-based documents, or both.

Any time, any device

Enables customers to easily view their e-statements, whenever they need to, using any device (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone).

Custom layout, any format

Generate fully customized documents that match your brand identity, delivering them in a file format familiar to your customer (PDF, HTML etc.)

Digital authentication

The service offers secure statement generation through unique digital signage (HASH encryption algorithm), ensuring 100% compliance with any tax legislation.


Archive statements in the cloud, eliminating document storage. Make it quick and easy to retrieve them, without having to sort through print records.

Multiple e-delivery options

ECOS offers both Push (via email) and Pull (via web download) e-statement deliveries, supporting as well online registration processes (via SMS or email).

1-to-1 marketing

Insert highly targeted promotional messages (through embedded links) in every statement, delivering them directly to your customers’ inbox.

Delivery notifications

Utilize ECOS’ real-time delivery/read status notifications, eliminating any process delay in customer e-statement deliveries.

Past statements uploading

Upload all of your past paper statements to the ECOS cloud service, providing your people with a single, convenient way to check any sent account statement.

Technical support

Enjoy instant expert guidance and technical support, whenever is needed, making sure that everything is working the way your business needs.

Enhance your cross-media marketing

Place clickable advertising banners on e-statements, instantly redirecting the recipient to the specific webpage you want.

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