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ECOS E-Invoicing, is a multilingual cloud-based service that automates and manages the entire process of sending, receiving and archiving legally compliant, digitally signed invoices. Operating on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, it fully utilizes the value proposition of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Serving as an end-to-end web application, ECOS E-Invoicing simplifies the entire procedure of exchanging and managing invoices for any organization as it seamlessly integrates with any business software, using a simple API connector.

Certified under the international standards ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 for applying a Service Management System and EN ISO 27001:2013 for applying an Information Security Management System, along with the use of advanced security protocols, the ECOS E-Invoicing service guarantees maximum reliability and utmost security.

E-Invoicing benefits your business

1. Experience reduced costs

Save up to 80% on invoice processing costs by simplifying and automating the sending and archiving of electronic invoices to your customers.

2. Get paid faster

Collect accounts receivables faster and lower your company’s DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) by significantly reducing customer invoice processing and delivery time.

3. Ensure compliance

Ensure your customers’ invoices are 100% compliant with the European Accounting Standards, covering all obligations of authenticity, integrity as well as legibility of sent invoices.

4. Anywhere, any device

Easily manage invoices in real-time, with no geographical or time restrictions, using any device (PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone).

5. Better support

Deliver invoices to your customers according to their preference and provide them online, secure access to the web portal, bringing better customer support and service.

6. Improve productivity

Reduce the amount of time spent on processing invoices while eliminating any handling errors, streamline business processes and allow your people to focus on higher value goals.

Save up to

According to a study conducted by Athens University of Economics and Business, the total cost of traditional invoicing for Greek businesses, is estimated at 3-4€ per invoice, while in some cases it may well exceed 5-7€ per invoice.
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Professional, electronic invoicing made easy with

powerful features

Integration with any ERP

Requiring nothing more than a simple-to-deploy API connector, ECOS E-Invoicing integrates easily with your existing business software or billing application.

Multichannel delivery

The ECOS cloud service delivers invoices according to the preferred channel and format: electronic (via a web portal) or paper ones (through a printing service).

Digital signage

The service marks each issued invoice with a unique digital signage, ensuring your business against any tax authority.


All invoices are automatically archived in the state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Windows Azure platform so that they can be easily accessed any time.


You can easily send supporting files such as contracts, shipping and other documents (in jpg, gif, png and PDF format), simply by attaching them to the invoice.

Advanced search

Both the issuer and the recipient can search individual invoices or groups of invoices, using full text keywords or phrases.

Data security

Certified under EN ISO 27001:2013, along with advanced security protocols, the service guarantees utmost security and reliability in handling company invoices.

Past invoices uploading

Seize the opportunities of online invoicing and seamlessly upload all of your past (paper) invoices to the service.


Safely log in to the ECOS E-Invoicing web portal and access sent invoices in real-time (24/7) from anywhere and any enabled device.

1-to-1 marketing

Easily communicate any type of promotional message to your customer-recipient using your electronic invoices.

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