Eliminate the need
to mail out paper statements

ECOS E-Statement is ideal for any business that wants to deliver electronic statements to its customers. The ECOS service platform allows your account data to be made available online, providing your customers with fast, secure web-based access to them in an electronic format.

A file compiling all customer account data over a time period, is transmitted online to ECOS E-Statement, directly from your business software.

Easy integration with any system

Requiring no installation (just a simple-to-deploy web API connector), ECOS E-Statement easily integrates with your business software, billing or any other system application, providing real-time data transfer.

The ECOS E-Statement service efficiently implements all necessary data processing, marking every single customer account with a unique digital signage.

Full compliance with any tax legislation

ECOS E-Statement provides state-of-the-industry data security via a HASH encryption algorithm, guaranteeing the authenticity of origin, the integrity of content and the legibility of all sent customer statements.

After providing digital signage, ECOS generates customer statements, defining the document template according to your specific requirements.

Custom layout

ECOS integrates a powerful feature that defines templates of e-statements depending on your custom preferences, ensuring that both layout and content, are exactly the same as those of your company documents, sent in a paper format.

All customer statements being generated, are dispatched by ECOS to the defined recipients, according to their delivery preferences.

Electronic statements

ECOS offers multiple e-delivery options, supporting all data security requirements. The service can notify the recipient via email, providing either a link to download the statement or a link to the customer web portal (where he can access and download the document). Furthermore, it can sent an email or SMS, requesting customer identification before accessing the e-statement.

Paper statements

In case that a recipient does not wish to receive electronic statements, ECOS automatically proceeds to printing, stuffing into envelope and mailing a paper based statement to the customer.

Each customer statement generated through the ECOS service platform, is automatically archived in the cloud for as many years as needed.

Easy retrieval

Both customer account data and customer statements being generated, are cloud archived by ECOS, making it easy for your people to locate and retrieve them, thus respond faster to any customer inquiry by simply consulting an exact copy of the statement.

ECOS features a user friendly interface, enabling you to efficiently track the delivery of all customer e-statements.

Real-time monitoring

The service enables you to monitor the delivery status of your e-statements at any time, using any device. Logging in to the ECOS administration portal, you can easily view if the recipient has successfully received the notification email and downloaded the e-statement, or even receive a delivery failure notification.

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