Automate all steps
of the invoicing process

Τhe ECOS E-Invoicing service fully automates all steps of the sending and archiving process, allowing you to focus on higher-value tasks. With a click of a button, you can deliver invoices to your customers according to their preference (electronic or paper).

As soon as an invoice is issued in your business software, it is transferred online to ECOS E-Invoicing to be processed.

Easy integration with your business software

ECOS E-Invoicing is designed with the necessary simplicity and flexibility to easily integrate with your business software, ensuring the seamless sending of all issued invoices, instantly.

The ECOS E-invoicing service marks each issued invoice with a unique digital signage, ensuring your business against any tax authority.

Full conformity with European Accounting Standards

ECOS E-invoicing fully manages your company’s invoices in full compliance with the European Accounting Standards, certifying their authenticity and content integrity, while ensuring the legibility requirements.

After being uniquely marked, the customer invoice is delivered to the defined recipient according to its preference.

Electronic delivery

ECOS immediately notifies the recipient by email, providing a link to the web portal of the service, where he can securely access and download the electronic invoice in a PDF or structured data file format or just print it.

Paper delivery

In case that a recipient does not wish to receive electronic invoices, the service automatically proceeds to printing, folding, stuffing and mailing, delivering the paper invoice to the customer.

The service features a user friendly -easy to use- interface, simplifying the real-time monitoring and management of your invoices.

Anywhere, anytime access

Your customers can safely and reliably connect to the service practically from everywhere, using any device, and be fully updated on invoices related to their business. They can accept, receive, comment, question them or even retrieve archived invoices. They can also be informed by interactive advertising messages that may be included.

Continuous monitoring

You are able to monitor -at any time- if your customers have received, commented, questioned or accepted their invoices. In case of a disagreement, you can exchange comments with your customer which are recorded and archived throughout the life cycle of the invoice.

All invoices sent through the ECOS E-Invoicing service, are archived for a period of five years (or more, following an agreement) since their issuance date.

Search and retrieval

All invoices are available at any time, both to you and your customers. In case of a disagreement or audit, you can easily search for them (using full text search) or retrieve them through the service or QR code, so that you can substantiate their authenticity and integrity.

Save up to

The complete automation of the invoicing process, enables both trading parties experience significant cost savings, estimated up to 57% for the issuer and 62% for the recipient.
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